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descriptionNeed help to apply password on "Level Selection Menu" !!!

Hey guys I am participation in Game Developing competition and it is on 17th of August so  I need your instant help ...
So I have created a Level Selection Menu with 4 levels in it and I need to apply password on different levels ...
It should be like when I click on the level button I would I have to enter a password in order to start the assigned level scene ...
can anybody help me with the same !?

descriptionRe: Need help to apply password on "Level Selection Menu" !!!

Sure i can help you out with this, the script will be rather long though, do you have skype?


i can write a script up for you. but if you rather do it your self.

you will need a script to

Store the Correct passwords
Check What level you are trying to enter the password for
Give feedback to the user based on the password they provided, Correct, Incorrect,try again etc.
then on correct password do what ever the level is equal to.

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