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descriptionNeed help to apply password on "Level Selection Menu" !!!

Hey guys I am participation in Game Developing competition and it is on 17th of August so  I need your instant help ...
So I have created a Level Selection Menu with 4 levels in it and I need to apply password on different levels ...
It should be like when I click on the level button I would I have to enter a password in order to start the assigned level scene ...
can anybody help me with the same !?

descriptionRe: Need help to apply password on "Level Selection Menu" !!!

Word based sudo Again cause i have noneyour code to work with..

Basically its a check system..

1- are users setting passwords
2- are you..

link a variable to the level that checks the string once the mouse(0) is clicked

string pw = "PASSWORDLEVEL1";
TextInput = secret; // GUI input

Mouse(0) Clicked
if(pw = secret)

Something along those lines =)..
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