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description2d RPG Series Like diablo - i need support

Hello hello all,

I have started a series in theory on making a 2d rpg, i know i know... LARGE thought for small time learner but... i read somewhere a Teacher who said if you can et the basics

Player -
movement - check ( can rework as the code im using is HUGE)
Attack - check - based on same animator for movement and i wanted to use layers or something to seperate the actions.. i read about sending a message but not fully grasping it
Health - works when being hit by enemy.
Targets - working the tab button to select target (atm got it storing them via array)

Enemy -
AI - check -  basic ai but going to rework to use navmesh for ease but since its 2d which effectivey uses the FRONT view not the top view not sure how to do that yet.
Attack - Check - distance based using col.
Health - check but some reason the player and enemy are colliding and enemy one show red other shows green(green is correct)..

Ground -  manual added the tiles with col on walls and none for the floor, this may change to give a random attack setting but not sure.
Teleport - CHeck -  uses fading to switch from area to area..

i have ability to change weapon and also have TONS of 2d sprites to work with... atleast for this production...

Next is to iron out the attack etc for player and enemy and then start on Inventory or stats... hot bar etc..

Just really wanted to know if someone wanted to jump onboard or atleast give pointers on my code...

Reply PM what ever.

I will post pictures

descriptionRe: 2d RPG Series Like diablo - i need support

Hello, very nice art work you have there, I am willing to assist you with your project just let me know what you need I'm a c# programmer as mY strong point. I mainly work on fps but I have done a small 2D platformer project.

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