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descriptionBasic educational games for small children


Ive been wanting to develop a game/educational experience for small children and want it to have a similar feel to it as Toca Boca life games do. I am experienced with photoshop and illustrator being a graphic designer and I'm also a fine artist. My question is do I develop all of the assets in these programmes and then import them into Unity (I have working knowledge of Cinema 4D and the interface looks very similar to that).

I am assuming I draw my background scene in illustrator or photoshop and then all of the moveable assets as separate files and then import them all.

This might sound like a really basic stupid question to those who have lots of experience but I'm just starting out with unity so please excuse my der-brain-ness.

All the tutorials I see are for the more mature complex games with environments, textures and are more 3D.



Unity treats assets all the same. There are 2D tutorials, just check CG persia or kickass torrents
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