Fairly straightforward, I seek to create a Destiny fan-game with some of the Cut Content of the Game.

Here's what I would like for it to be like (areas):

a. Earth
1. The Last City
-This is a city that you can free roam around. Needs to look sorta "makeshift"
2. Old Chicago
-This will be a city in ruins. Many destroyed buildings, and some with useful info that your Ghost can utilize.
3. The Tower
-The Tower will be a huge area. More details below in the Story section of it.

b. Venus
1. Shores of Time
-Pretty much Venus in the regular game, just different scenery

c. Saturn
1. The Ghost’s Fleet
-A space station. Will have many teleportation mechs to transfer from area to area. Hope to have it look like the Space Station at the start of Halo 2.
2. Charlemagne's Vault
-An electronic area on Saturn that you must have a key to get into. The keys are hidden all around The Ghost's Fleet. The area is sealed off from everything, and contains many more secrets. Is essentially the Saturn Warmind's area.
3. The Ninth City
-More free roam. It has nothing but "Xurs" selling great, but expensive gear. It is very dark, with no light at all. Your Ghost follows you as a flashlight in this area the entire time. There is almost no scenery you can clearly see, even with a flashlight.

d. Mercury
1. Lush Forest
-A Dark Forest, with many secrets surrounding you. Very eerie, and little lighting at spots.

e. Mars
1. The Outpost
-An outpost on Mars. Don't have much of a vision on this one, so if you have any ideas, feel free to join up with the team I hope to form.

f. Reef
1. Safe Haven
-Pretty much another free roam in the Reef. The Crow is the mentor here.

You are woken up by a Ghost on Mars, in The Outpost. You quickly realize something is wrong. Then an Awoken you only know as "The Crow" points a pistol at you, before lowering it, realizing you are not a threat. He quickly steals you away from your Ghost, and Ghost returns to the Speaker immediately with the news.

The Crow takes you to Safe Haven, and explains that The Traveler is the cause of both Light and Dark, and that the Darkness are a byproduct of the Traveler with an "unknown grudge" against it. You then are told of a Vex Creature named Atheon, who is actually a 'good guy you tried to kill'. Crow tells you everything that is contrary to what the Speaker tells you.

You storm the Tower, and attempt to assassinate the Speaker, before he smooth talks his way into you listening. Then the Speaker recruits you into the Tower, and you go into Old Chicago. Then The Crow walks up to you, pointing a pistol at your head. You ask him to lower it so they may talk calmly, while he only says that while in the wild, that is how one talks.

The Crow demands you to choose his side, and then the Speaker appears to your side and says that he has taken you from Crow's "Darkness". Then Crow lowers his pistol, and walks with you to the Tower. Then he is imprisoned, and asks you one final time, "help". Then, you finally are given the choice as Crow is being broken free, and both the Speaker and Crow are on the floor, pleading for your allegiance. With a pistol in your hand, one shot left, you only have two options: kill Crow, or kill the Speaker. Whichever one you choose determines the final boss of the game, and the ending.

*There is much more lore in the missions on each of the destinations above. The Story listed is just the overlining plot.

The Mission
The mission with this project is to find people who can help make this project as successful as possible, and to expand Destiny's universe beyond the borders. If you can help out in anyway, please contact me at owen.spence@hotmail.com!

Thanks for reading!