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descriptionLooking to/for help.

I just got my Bachelors in Game Art & Design and I am looking to join a team who is dedicated to finish. I would personally like to cut my teeth in the mobile market (because this is where my first game will likely go) but it is not a necessity. If you are interested, go to my profile and click my website link where you can find my portfolio for 2D, 3D, digital design and hand work.

If you are interested in working with me on one of my concepts (to be explained later) I am in need of someone who is familiar with Unity 5 and coding, Preferably in C# but again not a necessity. I hope to hear back from you!

descriptionRe: Looking to/for help.


I'm a C# developer, looking for a 3D Modeler for a Sci-Fi FPS game.
I don't have a budget yet, probably will sometime soon, not too sure about that.

I'm most likely trying to improve my skills and experiences and I'll really need a 3D Modeler for buildings and such, thanks! ^-^

Kind regards,
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