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descriptionBug with image effect?

Hello guys,

I'm an absolute beginner with unity but very enthusiastic and trying to get into the software.
so, I started to watch some tutorials about the basics of unity.
As I watched a tutorial from 'MisterNinjaBoy' I encountered a problem
While applying image effects i got this bug (see image)

Does anyone of you know why this is happening?
Maybe the hardware of my mac is not sufficient enough?



descriptionRe: Bug with image effect?

Hello Siegersma.

Could you provide a little more info please?

It would help to know the specs of your MAC. Also, does the anomaly occur when you pan the camera around? Or does it happen upon pressing play? If this was a tutorial script, have you tried re-writing or doing a cut'n'paste of the original (if it's available)? Also, what version of Unity are you using?
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