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descriptionRSPS Unity 3D

Hello, I'm interested in making a game that is usually supported by Java,
into a game supported by Unity 3D this game is Runescape, or RSPS in our case.
this type of thing is already being worked on, but feel that there's nothing wrong with
making another one and doing different things to my server. here is the one that
is in the making right now. if this is something you can do, shoot me a message you and I can talk and there is money involved. If you are not interested but might know a tip or 2 that could help me like what soft ware I need and little tips that would mean lot thanks!

New members can't post external links for 7 days so PM me for the link to the RSPS Unity3D project.

descriptionRe: RSPS Unity 3D

I did this previously about 4 months ago on
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