Hello friends of Unity Ninja!
Throughout the development of my project VR Unity, directly I tested my .apk on Samsung Galaxy S4 without any problem .Publiquei an alpha test in the play store and accessed the link to the test on my S4 galax and had the surprise of a message incompatibiliadade App with the device. When trying to install the download does not. The curious thing is that the compatibility list on the Android Developer Console, the S4 is as compatible, and S5, S6, note 5, that is, the best devices to view the project are not compatible. I wonder if some configuration in the build may be influencing. I can not believe my Unity project does not work in these dispodsitivos, any problems should be. I inform you that my .apk was above 100mb and had to send an expansion .obb ok file!
Can you help me?