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descriptionI'm Ray founder of Trys10Studios


My name is Ray, I currently develop accessibility video games for kids and adults like my son. He has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. My first game (and almost completed) using the Tobii Eye X controller is titled "Eye-Ball." The idea is to navigate a ball through non-traditional mazes using just your eyes and arrows on screen. It was amazing to see him play a game independently that I created for him. I am trying to get the game into the hands of those that could benefit from it. I have many other ideas in mind, two of which are partially in the works and are on the back burner until I get this game completed, marketed, and as that's being done I'll move on to the other two. I can't sit still lol. I am also a musician, I sing, play lead and rhythm guitar, and write songs.

My game channel is

descriptionRe: I'm Ray founder of Trys10Studios

Hi Ray,
My name is Michelle. I have a seven year old son whose condition is very similar to your sons. I have just started investigating eye gaze technologies and have opted to try the affordable EyeX - but am finding that most introductory/learning games like Look to Learn are only PCEye compatible. I am in the process of downloading your Eye-Ball - and am very grateful you have made this accessible for free trial. I look forward to being in touch. I am very happy to have found you. Smile

descriptionRe: I'm Ray founder of Trys10Studios

Hi Michelle, I'm just now receiving this message, apologies for the late reply. I am very excited to have helped you in some small way. I want to let you know that there is on Tobii's site, a game called "Eye Asteroids" which is a basically an arcade shooter that runs entirely off of the Eye Gaze controller and is really affordable at $5, I bought it for my son and there is a video on my YouTube channel of him playing it for the first time.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns regarding any of the games I post, please let me know! I just want to make them better, for a better experience for your children as well as mine!

I plan to remake a few classic style games for use with the EyeX and traditional controls (you choose which you want to play with) and some original ideas as well; including a first person shooter food fight game (this is going to be challenging lol).

Thank you for the kind words Smile.
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