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descriptionIn need of some good assets (Free)

Hello, my name is spectre and I am new to this forums Smile

About a year ago I discontinued unity to program with java because I never knew C# or Boo, I have since decided to learn C# and go back to using unity.

When I loaded up unity I was displeased with the stock graphics because they never looked appealing, they look pretty dull if I say so myself. After searching upon the unity assets store either the good assets were overpriced or not what I wanted. So if anybody has some decent assets such as trees or other stuff for the terrain just message me, appreciated thanks.

descriptionRe: In need of some good assets (Free)

If you have to start from scratch do not worry so much of objects because they are so many free of store assets, though not enough watching you too:

but if you learn how to program then:

do not lose the will have fun.
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