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descriptionLinking to scene within Unity


I have an android Unity application with multiple scenes, and I want to provide a web URL which will auto launch the Android application and then go into a specific scene within that app.

Is this possible and if so, could anyone provide some guidance?


descriptionRe: Linking to scene within Unity


We see that you have some issues with your project/script, however we can help you for a price. If you would like us to work for you then please feel free to contact us at or on Skype at RenntekStudios thanks

Our prices are very cheap. Little errors we can fix for free, otherwise projects we can discuss prices. Hope you get in touch shortly thank you...

descriptionRe: Linking to scene within Unity

If you go to the Build Settings you can add in the scenes you want to load in the build in order of priority. You can also use the command


where sceneIndex is equal to the index inside the Build Settings. 0 is at the top in the menue.
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