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descriptionLooking for Co-Programmer!

Hello there devs and programmers!I've been developing a 2D platformer called StarFox Adventures and i've been facing a major problem.I need to create a pick up system that can:

--> Count how many coins the player has gathered in each level
-->If the player dies in a level it must only subtract the amount of coins that the player has gathered in that specific level or if he hasn't gathered any, it must subtract only 2
-->Be able to show the total amount of coins gathered at a certain scene
--> Lastly: I also need to write a script that will handle the shop that i am going to make where the player can purchase different skins for the player by paying a certain amount of coins that he has gathered!

If you decide to help me,your name will be at the top 3 names of the credits scene!
And by Co-Programmer, i mean that you will have to help on other programming related tasks for the game too!If you are interested, make sure to leave a reply here or even better send me a mail at : stelios_papamichael @ ! Thanks!

descriptionRe: Looking for Co-Programmer!


We see that you have some issues with your project/script, however we can help you for a price. If you would like us to work for you then please feel free to contact us at or on Skype at RenntekStudios thanks

Our prices are very cheap. Little errors we can fix for free, otherwise projects we can discuss prices. Hope you get in touch shortly thank you...
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