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descriptionGood resource to learn Unity?

So I've started watching videos on YouTube and kinda piecing together how some things work and started my own little 2D space shooter. You control a spaceship that doges asteroids, and if it's hit, the game's over. I've tried posting on the Unity answer forums about how to get certain things to work correctly for me (currently, I can't get my spaceship and asteroid prefab to collide.) but it doesn't seem people are very active on there.

So basically, I've came to a collusion that maybe I need to sit down and do some sort of structured education such as a book of some kind to better comprehend on the unity engine, and get more familiar with Unity's API (if that makes sense).

Does anyone know of any good books or resources that I can look into? Or has anyone taken a different route and been successful? I'd like to know. Because I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew just diving right in and not being able to answer my own question, or not know where to turn.

descriptionRe: Good resource to learn Unity?

Post it here
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