i got a sphere as a playground and want to have a day/night cycle. There are many tutorials for that but it seems they dont match to my problem. They are made for Terrains or 2D, but i got a Sphere on 3D. When i make the dirctional light move around the Sphere i have to take a skybox, but this is not what i want, the colors are weird and i want to have my own clouds, moving around the sphere.
But when i do it only in 1 blue color, it wont get a night time, because it stays light blue of course.

Is it possible to have a skybox as light blue and have day and night around the sphere?
And to make it change the Color from light blue to a darker blue at night time?

I just put a link here for my problem Smile

             at 0:40

Would be awesome if someone knows a trick for this! Or how he did it with Blender or whatever