Hello most of you would have head of "RennTek Studios" there a Debelopment Team that shut down a long time ago due to ArmedUnity being opened but this amazing thing happened last Monday I got an email from there OLD site http://renntekstudios.co.uk/  saying

Hello Jake

I would like to announce our return of RennTek studios, Our forum is back up please be aware that our users database was erased for the protection of the users during our time down. However we would like to invite you back to our community.

I'm like WOW I replied saying wow and my response was "this is an automated message please don't reply" LOL

But in here today to invite you all along there private kit is being redeveloped and I will notify you all on there YouTube when it's back on

You want smooth kits / assets / projects / scripts / templates
Networked or not networked then what you doing get registering


I think I have there old kit if I do I'll release it there, it's a new forum but it's old at the same time ha. Get on it comment / post / help out because there's premium section for general but the thing about this premium section is all premium stuff is in the projects section of free users. 10 users you invite along then you get premium anyway so it's easy to work with.

I saw a video of there FPS kit that's using photon it's amazing so far I've seen (Weapons , animations , 9 gameModes , friends list , free play game mode looks amazing your I can do anything build, create , even code your own stuff inside block editor inGame

Yet did I mention this kits completely free

Be a tester get on now....

The first 10 clients I'll weave my commission for free premium allowing you to download alpha stuff

KIT OUT NOW ONLY SELLING 10 copies so get your copy NOW!!

Want information here. http://www.renntekstudios.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=21