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descriptionPicking up weapons?

Automatically picking up weapons and equipping them??? i am in the process of making a FPS game ive made the prefeb weapons that i want to use with animations but not sure how to do it.

ive downloaded a couple of prefab FPS files from this site that you can apparently swap weapons with to see how they did it but i was just getting confused...maybe one of you smart cookies can explain from the beginning  Razz or how i can add to one of the ones that i downloaded from this site?



descriptionRe: Picking up weapons?

Weapon pickup is probably one of the most requested thing for fps tutorial 7, so I do plan on adding that to the next tutorial. However, I could help you with the scripts you already have form that website you mentioned, however, you should provide us with the scripts and website, so I can take a look at it. I'd be glad to help.

descriptionRe: Picking up weapons?

Thanks for the reply Smile

I downloaded this:

you can swap weapons and pick items up however what i'm trying to achieve is i have my own FPS that i want to use and on there script you need to press "E" to equip items and i would like to equip as soon as you collide with them.

also extend what weapons you can carry from "2" too say "6"?

Cheers Smile

descriptionRe: Picking up weapons?

Look for a variable in the script.
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