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descriptionRotate the camera on the y-Axis of the player

Hi, i just made a game where the Gamepad can be used. Im using the left Joystick for moving and the right one for rotating the Player and the camera. The camera is a child of the player so it follows up. The horizontal rotating is quite good but the vertical rotating is wrong. The camera has to rotate on the y-Axis of the Player.

At the moment it looks this way:

The camera is able to move but it doesnt focus the Player. But the player has to be always focused. Does someone know how to change my vertical-rotation-script for the right usage?


  // camera of the player
        public Transform kamera;
        // max camrotation vertical
        public float maxKameradrehungVertikal = 30.0f;
        // min camrotation vertical
        public float minKameradrehungVertikal = -30.0f;
        // actual camrotation vertical
        private float aktuelleKameraDrehungVertikal = 0;
    // rotate cam vertical
            aktuelleKameraDrehungVertikal = Mathf.Clamp(aktuelleKameraDrehungVertikal + rotationsVektor.y * rotationsGeschwindigkeitVertikal, minKameradrehungVertikal, maxKameradrehungVertikal);
            kamera.localRotation = Quaternion.identity;
            kamera.Rotate(Vector3.left, aktuelleKameraDrehungVertikal);

descriptionRe: Rotate the camera on the y-Axis of the player

Just fixed it by addin an empty GO and made it to the head of the player

descriptionRe: Rotate the camera on the y-Axis of the player


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