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descriptionPayment Methods For Tutorial Creators!

Hey guys,

I'm currently planning a new set of apps which will have tutorials for game engines, such as "How to make a player movement script".

The apps will be made for all popular engines, and tutorials will be created by both dedicated writers, and those from the public who wish to share their knowledge.
Each tutorial will feature both written and video instructions, with script references.

One problem that I have run into is the payment methods. I would like to reward the authors with payments but I'm unsure of the best way to do this - straight up payments, ad revenue payments, or pay per hit. Further explanations of each method below...

+ Straight up payments: This method will reward the author with instant money ($2 - $7 USD) upon authentication with one of our dedicated members.

+ Ad Revenue: The authors will be given $5 USD per 1000 impressions, top post of the month will be rewarded + 20% of previous earnings.

+ Pay per hit: Every time a user reads the tutorials the author will be rewarded $0.06 upon completion, or $0.01 if not completed but at least 1/4 read.

Let me know which one you would prefer, and feel free to give any suggestions which you think might help me!


Additional: If you have a tutorial channel on Youtube, or a blog, PM me for potential earnings!

descriptionRe: Payment Methods For Tutorial Creators!

I beg to differ:

so we the membership send you our tutorials and then you pay us cash

er ...eventually ?

not a chance

1: A fool and his hard earned work is soon parted

2: Most if not all here on this or any forum helps out his Bro for free

not expecting anything in return, but just for the satisfaction and understanding
of what its like to hit a very hard brick wall, with no way out until some guy posts an answer to his thread

so with your idea, the guy who hits the brick wall now has to pay cash to get his answer

no fucking way

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