Hey guys,

I'm a bit new with Mixamo and with Unity at 3D animations, so what i'm trying to do is a "plataform" game (X,Y movements only).

The problem I had is that the Mixamo animations (like run, jump) move my character througth Z axis when using Root Motion at unity, and I won't thar, once he should move only foward and backward, througth X axis.

I tryed a lot of stuffs and could'nt figure it out. If root motion is disabled, the object wont move, but then I'm geting some problems with physics.

Obs: I tryed to edit the animation deleting the Z axis, but then i get a bit of change when changing from Idle to Running with a Blend Tree.

When i turn it off, i need to place a collider to my object, theres a way to use the animation format as a collider without using the root motion? Sorry if its a dumb question, but i could'nt figure it out.

I did it to work well adding a box collider and a rigidbody to a parent object, but thats not what i was looking for.

So, the final question is: Can I make the collider with the animation format without a root motion?

And sorry for my poor english Sad