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Hello board

I have posted a lot of topics on many of sites in relation to what RenntekStudios can offer, I didn't mention this because I was too busy but now work has calmed down I will make this proposal, this will be my last thread due to a lot of developing in RT Survival.

If you need any work done, scripts, projects,templates or even help them please feel free to contact me on the development Skype at RenntekStudios or on our website at

Or even if you need just a simple tutorial then let us know.

descriptionRentek Studios Link

Your link: website at doesn't work for me.

descriptionRe: Freelancing

I confirm the link does work. Please retry or contact us on Skype at RenntekStudios

descriptionRe: Freelancing

Why do you spam every single thread with an advertisement? Do you understand it's very annoying for all of us?
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