About Me:
I started my volunteer community Abyssal Gaming 404 for Esports on May 29th.
Unity and Unreal Engine 4 has always left me at a decisive fork in the road, nonetheless,
migraine for me. I'm unable to memorize coding on top of being someone who is a creative writer. Many times, I've thought to myself how much easier life would be if I knew how to code. In the end, I've come down to deciding where my strengths and weaknesses lie in the terms of working in a gaming industry. I also stream and regularly look for networks relative to my goals.

Pros and Cons:
+ I have two novel series in the works.
+ Decade of hardcore gaming when I averaged 20-80 hours a week.
+ Able to be open-minded and a team-oriented worker.
- Unable to code or do anything complicated in development.
- Busy writing and taking care of family a few days of a week.
- Unable to pay anyone unless money is made through projects.

Making a career in gaming through story telling and use of literature my trusted team can inspire and create. Working with like-minded individuals who have a sense of community, business morals, and passionate hobbies.

Finishing my 13-book Series Shadows of God.
Playing at any level of competitive Esports.
Creating games that can last for ages.
Reaching out to businesses to further invest into the gaming industry.
Developing a Sci-Fi MOBA hybrid game, on mobile or PC platform.

Headfounder of AG404 Anthony Han.