The practice build I am working on, (IT WON'T LET ME POST THE PICTURE) I have been following the tutorial (Unity 5 Tutorial : Basics) to a T but for some reason, I can't get the sky to be the same as shown in the video. I thought I messed up somewhere because when I first started it the sky was the same and everything was perfect but I messed up and had to start over and when I went back in the sky was different. I tried closing and starting a new one several times and even starting the tutorial from the beginning again and still nothing to why the sky is not lit up like shown. Also, I see that the video is a year old, and I downloaded the newest version for Mac, is there a difference and why sometimes when zooming in and out and moving around the map it slows down and won't let me move the cursor is that normal.

Help me, please!!!!