After fiddling around with VB and .Net for the past, oh...19 years, figured I'd give Unity a try, so far it seems a lot easier to deal with than .Net when it comes to making games Smile

Anyways, a bit about me, I'm 34, live in northern VA, married for 11 years and have 5 kids(4 sons and a daughter), I'm a machine operator at LSC Communications(formerly RR Donnelley) and (hopefully) a future game developer(everyone has those ambitions that are here I suppose)

I'm completely new at Unity, and pretty much new at C#, I know a lot of .Net and it seems to translate fairly well over to C#, just the different formatting and such I need to get used to.

I'll be posting questions here and there, I'll appreciate any and all answers I can get, and if I see a question I can answer, I'll be glad to return the favors extended to me.