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descriptionGame project transfer

Hi there,

Can someone help or give me some idea what are the necessary deliverables from a previous developer that I need to ask regarding the game project transfer?

The situation is, there is a company that is developing our game. They developed it from scratch and on our part, we are just doing the game testing process. So now, we are going to ask them to transfer the entire project to us. The company is in another country so we are just communicating thru emails, we never done the communication by video calls.

And That's it. what are the things they need to transfer to us?

Thanks in advance.

descriptionRe: Game project transfer

1: Phone Number of the face at the other end of the line is good

2: ask them to copy everything to do with the game

3: Vital: define who has copyright, more so if these guys were contracted by you

good luck
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