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descriptionneed help for a running game for pc, and mobiles scripting

I am new to unity want to make a running game for
pc and mobile.
I am not good at scripting.
please help me.
I want to know how how to make a player run.
and turn.
on another surface.
please help.
I am a good modeller.
but not a game programmer.
I want to learn c# its easy I listen.
I am begginer.

descriptionRe: need help for a running game for pc, and mobiles scripting

Hi harsh_luthra! I'm glad that I am able to help you! First you might want to research a few things detailing the scriptures of mobile gaming
a thing you might consider
1) a developers license will cost you $$
2) what genre will you make this game?
3) profit? Money Managing?
4) Good version of Unity? (Unity Pro, Unity Indie, etc.)
thats just the basis. The next thing you need to do is look at this a whole bunch:
Unity Mobile Docs
next you need to get working, this will and should take you about 2-3 years if you take lots of work into it, maybe 1 year at the least
once you're done export the game using the build settings, customize..and then get your game on the google play store or the ios store
Hope this helped alot
-Bryce Cain25

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