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description Top Air Fighters - Vit Labs Mobile

Flight with Israeli aircrafts fighter against middile east arm's Aircrafts , AA & SAM missile
- Amazing 3D graphics
- 11 Realistic isreali aircrafts :A-4 , F-4 ,Nesher,Kfir , F16A, F-16D,F-16I , F-15C ,F-15I , F-35.
- 20 Realistic missions war isreali wars
- Fire heat seeking missiles
- Realistic and challenging A.I. controlled enemies
- Awesome air dogfight simulation
- Syria , Egypt and iraq aircrafts
- Real arab aircrafts :Mig-17 ,Mig-21 , Mig-23, Mig-29 , Su-7 , Su-25 ,Mirge2000 ,F-16,Mi-8 ,Mi-24
Good lock pilot!

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descriptionRe: Top Air Fighters - Vit Labs Mobile

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