Hello, UnityNinja community. My name is David Ramos, an indie developer like most people that have visited this site. I've been all over the place with personal projects with a short RPG and action platformer planned.

Recently, I started working on an FPS involving dragons, a quite chaotic mix of ideas. After starting the project, I found the FPSE kit which led me to join this developer community in hopes of gaining ideas of what to implement in the mechanics.

I like to mix a moral thought in each of my games, mainly based on Bible passages. This thought based method is also what pushes me to develop games. Perhaps games can be used for more than just entertainment.

Although creating games can be quite tedious, I have a glimmer of hope that my projects will take a true form someday.

Hope you enjoyed this introduction. Feel free to inquire, I'd like to meet new people who are into game development.