Hi there

I am working on a 2D lander game. All that is needed still is a C# programmer.

What we have already:
- 12 of 15 levels in the basic assets
- A voice set
- The music
- The intro video

So the most decisive parts of the game are already finished.

What is still to do:
- the programming of course (that is why I am looking for a programmer Smile
- all proofreading of the texts
- All voice sets
- All pedestrian animation sprite sheets (should be finished by the end of the next weekend)
- all scene animation sprite sheets (they will be finished as we progress and where it makes sense to animate objects)
- the videos between the levels
- The last 3 levels

Since I have a week of holidays next week, I can give a hell of a boost here if need be.

Here some art samples from the game: