Hi, im completely new to unityninja and unity 5, been using unity 5 for about a month so i apologies for such a simple question.
Learning everything myself and this is probably such a simple thing but i cant figure it out.
Started buliding a scene using standard assets and 5 or 6 other free assets from the store, part of my scene had a well from the store and just a lake and a mote made from the terrain, put water in all of them, its was just a static blue water shader (material), later i found water4simple, put it as the water shader (material) and it looked great, nice effective look and i was very pleased how it looked, saved scene and turned off. Next day loaded up unity and water4simple wasnt visable, it was still there but next to water4simple in the inspector the circle was blank where as before it was a grey colour, tried a few things but it stayed blank every time i reselected it, saved and turned off for a few hours, turned it back on later the same day and it was back, did a bit more, saved and turned off. Turned on today and water4simple wasnt visable again, and the only way to click on it is in the hierarchy. Its the same for water4advanced, its there but just not visable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks