I implemented Facebook Sharing dialog using basic FB.SharLink and FB.FeedShare in one a sample project. Now when I create a new Facebook Application for Live project and Integrated into My Live Unity Project, It stopped working as it is designed.

Steps : Create Facebook Application , Added Android product in it. Disabled the development mode and all other necessary basic setting about application info such as namespace, app domain & Website.

Issue : When I go for post to Facebook, it clears out title and description of written by my C# code and get some title and description from the website link, if it founds nothing from website , it sets website URL text as Content Title and Content Description.

Tweak : Now when I app App Id and App Name from Sample project to Live project and change Bundle Identifier Name and set it to sample project's bundle identifier name and then when I build my live project and test it and It worked actually. Now I am amazed how this could be happen ?

I am providing the same link such as www.google.com. It is working in Old Sample Project with it's Facebook application , but it is not working for live project and new Facebook Application.

Then I went to developers.facebook.com and check all the setting of both Facebook application. But all settings are same. Not a penny is different except from Facebook Application Id, Name & Secret Key.

Please help me on this.