Hello everyone Very Happy

Little about me;

I im 23 years old graphical designer and a hard core gamer from Croatia.
Over the years i had no luck in finding a job well suited for me since i never managed to get a job in graphical industy due to really small amount of non family studios.
A month ago i lost my job and decided to do what i like, and what i love the most? GAMES!

So i decided to learn everything that i can learn so i can develop and self publish a game.
My current goal is to make something small and a bit linear just to understand Unity.

But my overall goal is much bigger than that.

With time i want to know enough to be able to help others in this field and with time open a small dev studio with my friends and fellow gamers!

Thanks for reading and thank you in advance with all the help!

Best regards. Lancelan Very Happy