I'm new to Unity - as in never made anything with it. I recently started had this idea of having a school of my own and have always been intrested in game development. So, I decided to dedicate myself in the next 5 years to learning after work. 4 hours a day from monday to friday. The Areas that I'm going to school myself in range from drawing (actual pen and paper) to digital painting and 3D modelling/animation to programming languages (got that decently covered but need brush off my C# and C++ to engines (Unity, UE mostly but my first - introductory game project will bein Javascript) and along side it need to learn about monetization and gamification and all that good stuff. So, in a way, you will be my teachers. Yay ^_^ My goal is to, in five years have the necessary know-how to finish my own projects and make the kind of games I have in my head. So, good to be here and see you on the boards.