I have a folder, called "Walls" in the Ressorce-folder, which contains multiple textures, calling "wallRoi[1-26]". Now I would like to apply those to my model in Unity via C# scripting.
Explaning my code: The model has multiple segmentation of the whole wall, each of them has a tag ("Wall[1-26]"). The tag of the whole wall is "Wall". Now I'm trying to loop through the whole wall and apply to each segmenation of the wall a different texture from the folder. My Code doesn't work, any purposes? Thank you!


    private UnityEngine.Object[] walltextures;
       void mapTexturesOverWalls() {
          walltextures = Resources.LoadAll ("Walls", typeof(Texture2D));
          Texture2D[] wallTex = (Texture2D)walltextures [walltextures.Length];
          GameObject walls = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Wall");
          Renderer[] renders = walls.GetComponentsInChildren<Renderer> ();
          for (int i = 0; i < wallTex.Length; i++) {
             foreach (Renderer r in renders) {
                r.material.mainTexture = wallTex[i];
                UnityEngine.Debug.Log (wallTex + "");