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descriptionNew to the forum any help would be appreciated!

Hello Everyone!
I'm dunx, I am a beginner but i have been playing around with Unity and its pretty awesome, i wanted to be able to design some simple games.

If you have any advise for a Newb, please let me know what i should look at first.
I have so far designed a 3Dmap but that was in the previous version of unity 5.4 so i am trying to work out 5.6 it is a little different, as in i had some trouble finding some things that were easily found in the previous version, like Sky for example.

If anyone has an advise ... thanks in advance Very Happy


descriptionAdding First Person not working??

Hi Guys,
I have nearly worked out the sky box thing, but still not 100% i also for some reason with this new version, cannot add a First Person object. It does not actually add.
I read the instructions and it just says to have a flat surface, which i do and i deleted the main camera? why wont it add? in the previous version i had installed it added fine it looked like a tube in the old version the first person camera was not added to my heirarchy...
I took a screenshot can any one help?

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