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descriptionMy new Project which I need help

Hello everyone. FInally I'm about to start (and complete) my very first game with Unity. For now It's impossible for me to update... so I'm still stuck with Unity3D v4.3.3. I will need help with this:

- Save and Load: Is a very large game. It has no fight nor enemies. Just jumping platforms, avoiding traps and some parkour. But I need to implements autosave, autoloads, etc. It's gonna be very simplistic but it's too large and it has challenge mode and unlockables.

- Third Person Camera: basiclly I need something to avoid my Camera stuck on walls or floors. When the camera touches a wall it shoul approach the in all third person games

-Platform Collision detection: On static platforms its fine, but for moving platforms It gets very complicated. For now I'm using Platform Input Controller... and Works kinda OK. Also.. I need a traditional WASD movement to use it on a Generic or Humaniod rRig character. My actual character Rig is Legacy.

I'm letting this video here but is in spanish... I will make another in english for all of you. Recommend me, Help me and comment the video:


descriptionRe: My new Project which I need help

Hello again all of you. I'm puting a new update of my game. I ran into many issues, mostly hardware issues since all I got is a Acer Aspire Laptop from 2008 and That baby barely can stand Unity 4.3.3. So by now I will be doing this game 100% with UNity 4.3 and in the future I will update to ... UNity 5.2

descriptionRe: My new Project which I need help

Hello everyone, this is the lastest update of my game. Is the same game with changes, new characters and new locations. This is the main idea...the final result shoul be different.
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