Beat 'Em Up - Complete Game Template 3D Beat-em-up-game-template-3d

It offers a full solution for player movement, player combos, player input, an enemy wave system, enemy AI, a side-scrolling camera, audio manager and health system. With tons of settings that you can tweak to setup your Beat 'em up. It's mobile friendly and supports multiple input possibilities, including touch input. This template will surely kickstart your Beat ‘Em Up game.


- Enemy AI

- 2 playable characters

- Player Movement

- Player Combat

- Kick and Punch Combos

- Jump Kick Attack

- Ground Punch and Kick attack

- Enemy wave system

- Keyboard, joypad or touchscreen controls

- Tools for editing game settings

- UI Manager

- Health system

- Health Pick-up

- 3 Weapon Pick-ups

- Destroyable objects

- Audio System

- A (side-scrolling) camera system that moves through the level based on your progression

- Character animation setup in Mecanim

- 29 character animations

- Humanoid Character Rigs

- 40 sound effects

Download it from here