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descriptionHey Guys! I'm New

I'm Atlanta24, and I'm totally new to Unity 3D.
I hope you guys will guide me to step on it.
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descriptionRe: Hey Guys! I'm New

Hi Atlanta24! I'm so glad you decided to join our friendly forum!
for starters I would definitely look at these resources:
(Misterninjaboy has fantastic tutorials!)
Aslo you can refer to my page for awesome assets:
starting fresh and new is also a wonderful way to start
i started at the age of 12, i am currently 13 and i script proficiently in JavaScript. If you start and focus hard and push through the complicated confusing parts of programming. You will get there, i promise Wink
If you need any more help further than this I beg you to pm me so that we can get started on your problem.


descriptionRe: Hey Guys! I'm New

Hi Atlanta24!!!! Very Happy

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descriptionRe: Hey Guys! I'm New

Hey there, welcome to UnityNinja! If you need help at any time, dont be shy to post in the help section!
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