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descriptionread please

if we modify the demo so much it becomes someone thing completely different do we still have to give credit i don't mind giving credit Wink

descriptionRe: FPS KIT (V. 0.1) FROM FPS TUT 6


thanks bro

hello u said ur going to make a zombie enemy and effects tutorials can u please do it soon.


descriptionRe: FPS KIT (V. 0.1) FROM FPS TUT 6

great, this is a great kit i need

descriptionRaycast Shooting Messed up my game

So I had my gun all animated, then I added the raycast shooting to my camera. I played the game and when I spawned I saw my gun like normal, then i moved. And my gun disappeared. I quickly noticed that my gun moved 10 feet away from me. I could see it, and when I clicked the buttons to animate it I saw it do its animation. So i exited Unity w/ out saving and went to where I was before. Tested the game and It did it again. I took the raycast off the camera and it still does it. Thanks for any help

Update: I added a camera to my gun set and played it. and I saw my gun Teleport under the map. Then I moved it up higher in the editor and played again. And It went to the same area. so its teleporting to the one spot under the map. And I used the Example Player w/ the AUG and it worked.

descriptionHow do I use the AdvancedAI

I'm not sure how to us the AdvancedAI script that was included in this. I don't know how to make the enemy move, I can only make them be aggravated towards me
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