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descriptionAI script for Dinosaur

Hi all,
Does anyone know a free AI script suitable for a dinosaur. i do know basic C# and JS, i just don't know how to script AI. i will give full credit in my game to the maker of the script.
Kind regards,
KaleĀ Very Happy

descriptionRe: AI script for Dinosaur

If you need a dinosaur model i can provide some models for you. just choose some models from this channel and i will convert them to an Fbx file(Including their Animations):
Sorry i am using a web proxy so i can't see the real links. the channel's name is rroobboo999 just youtube it and you"ll find a lot of models.

now for the script check this tut on youtube : Unity 3d Tutorial - Animation based on AI

descriptionRe: AI script for Dinosaur

thanks you
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