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descriptionYinoguns does an Intro

Hello all, well all who read this Shocked

I am Yinoguns, or Yon on the IRL side of the Screen.

Im a Graduate of Oxford Brookes in the UK and I found this site from an old message on Youtube since their new system for messages sucks in my opinion and the message was months old.

Anyway I am here to see what I can do around the site or with others, I used Unity for my Dissertation and am looking to further my knowledge to end up producing games in the future.

I have experience with Maya, C#, Java and some other stuff, drop me a message if your interested.

In general im a nice guy and always friendly given you return such an attitude.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Oxford Brookes - Computer Science - First Class Degree (breath) Graduate
I used Unity for my Dissertation and I am continually looking to improve my Skills.

descriptionRe: Yinoguns does an Intro

You sound like an interesting guy! Hope to see you in the forums!
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