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descriptionMy Game Project !

This is Bob I'm an early game developer and I'm working on  a awesome project that needs AI, unfortunately i don't have a lot of time to work in this project, so i would appreciate if someone gave me a direction of were i could find a free AI shooter. I would also thank Alex ( I think that's your name ) MisterNinjaBoy for this awesome forum that makes gamedeveloping an easy job.

A photo of my game :

descriptionRe: My Game Project !

Looks cool (although you are using a kit) I love the shaders you are using! There are alot of enemy AI assets on unity's asset store, some even free, so making a search on the store would help :p

And I'm glad you like the forum! Also my name is Alec not Alex :p

If you need help with you're game at any time, we are always here to help, just make a post.

descriptionRe: My Game Project !

oma kit
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