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descriptionThis might be a bit late

Hi All,
My name is Kale and i am from Australia. I've been on this forum for a while but never introduced myself. I am working on my new game called Bermuda. this is the basic plot line.Your on plane travelling from Costa Rica to Miami, during the flight one of your plane engines explode. you go down and crash on an island inhabited by a group of "Villagers". when you first meet them you discover that their plane crashed too. they have plane parts to make a makeshift plane to get back to society. But they wont give away the parts for free. you must kill the lets say, the other "prehistoric inhabitants" and trade their teeth, skins, feathers and horns, to trade with the villagers. you do that with other twists and turns along the way, and eventually escape. I really hope this game takes off as it will have multi-player and other modes.
I will probably ask you to help me with checking my scripts as im just starting C# in school and not that good with it yet so i make silly mistakes.
See you all later,

descriptionRe: This might be a bit late

Hey! Its never too late to introduce yourself! You're game sounds really interesting by the weay, please keep us posted in the project section! And welcome.
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