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descriptionHello everyone

Hi, I'm new here.
I recently youtubed regarding "basic unity tutorial" and i found misterninjaboy videos. Thats how I got here.

For the past couple of months, i have been learning a very basic C# language to make websites. I also have covered some html, php, css but not in details. I am confident in my artistic skill but not in my programming skills.

I wish to learn to create simple applications and games for android and iphone apps. I do not know if there will be a complication between these two operating system, but if i cant learn both... i will be focusing on iOS along with ts different screen sizes. If anyone have any idea where to start, please do tell.

It is a pleasure to meet everybody here and i hope i can learn new something from you all.

descriptionRe: Hello everyone

Hello AmHasch!
Welcome to UnityNinja!
Hope you enjoy the Forum!



I'm Always HERE FOR YOU! lol!

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