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description˜”*°•❤ Jenni in da forum ❤•°*”˜

Heya Unity friends... I'm learning how to make games both 2d w/ Flash & 3d in Unity and stoked to find Mr. Ninja - hey bro!  

Thought I'd connect to the forum and see who else is doing what.. and when I have something of quality I'll definitely come post / share.  

My favorite game right now is Martian Wars!

My personal site has some fun examples of my at game dev attempts, as does my channel... I'm friendly and curious about others and their projects / inspirations / best tutorials / resources etc.. so feel free to say hi.

Cheers from Northern CA!
Jenni |

descriptionRe: ˜”*°•❤ Jenni in da forum ❤•°*”˜

Hey Jenni, welcome to the UnityNinja forum.
If you ever need any help then make sure to make a post in the Help(General) section of the forum.

--New Developer

Serious, Focused but FUN.

descriptionRe: ˜”*°•❤ Jenni in da forum ❤•°*”˜

ook thanks! ;-)

3D enthusiast ♥️ JenniNexus
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descriptionRe: ˜”*°•❤ Jenni in da forum ❤•°*”˜

Hey welcome to the forum! Cant wait to see some of your work! Don't be shy to make a post if you need help at any time. You can also find LOTS of resources here, so browse around in the recourse section!

descriptionthanks! u rock!

thanks MisterNingaBoy. I really appreciate your tutorials and am making my way through them bit by bit!  I have a few examples of my Unity attempts here:

where I applied motion, textures and minimal controls to existing assets and but since have graduated to making a mobile pong / breakout style game with 3 levels (still working on it but here's a screenshot from my facebook page)

& completing a really cute tut from the Unity site .. this one

& maybe I'll put that one up on my site as another example, once I customize some levels.. slow but sure progress!  

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your knowledge!  So far everything i've done in Unity has been because of tutorials like yours.  Cheers.

afro Jenni
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