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descriptionIs this even possible ( MisterNinjaBoy?)


So we got a game idea but it may sound a little bit too ambitious for the moment.
We want to create an open-world (sandbox) game in Unity.
Something similar to the Grand Theft Auto series/The Last of Us/Red Dead Redemption.
But here's the point: We want to exploit more the ''emotions'' part of the video games, understand ?
Somekind of a tehnique like putting value to.. let's say a simple character or an object so that the player really begins to develop somekind of feelings upon that thing.
Imagine 2 games :
The first one gives you a magic ring at the begining of the game.
The second one puts you in a dangerous mission to take that ring.
Guess wich of the rings will have more value for the player at the end ? Got it ? Ok. Let's move on to the subject.
We want a core gameplay, a feeling of freedom (that's why we want to make it open-world).
We want a non-linear story, rpg mecanics, character upgrading based on the advancements made by the player.
We want cutscenes, alot of cutscenes.
In other words we wish to create a full AAA game in Unity. Something serious.
So, me and my team (being new to unity) got some questions for you guys :
1.Is this even possibile with Unity ?
2.We want to animate our characters by using real time face/body capture for realistical face expressions ! (What do you think about it, any sugestion ?)
3.We also want to include some comercial songs in our we have to pay for the copyrights for each song or something like that ?
Keep in mind that we are not focused to graphics. We are focused on gameplay, story and realism.
Thanks for helping us, more details coming soon if the answers are positive.

We are looking for folks that want to work with us at a breath-taking video game, an amitious project, more details in private.
PM me if you are interested about it.

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descriptionRe: Is this even possible ( MisterNinjaBoy?)

Well you definitely sound new to game development as a whole, not only Unity.
And is it ambitious for creating a 'full AAA game in unity' and create an open world sandbox game, with multiple complex systems that seem horrifying for me to think about how it can be developed, (such as that 'emotion system Shocked )

Yes it definitely sounds beyond ambitions, considering you say you are 'new to unity' and don't have the resources AAA teams have to create this game (such as that real time face/body capture thing..)

My intent is not to burst your bubble, or discourage you, but to just help you realize that this just sounds too good to be true, for an indie team with limited resources/ knowledge to develop.

Is it achievable in unity? Yes! Of course! I want to emphasize that Unity3D is just an engine, if you know what you are doing, there are no limitations, especially considering the fact that I've seem a couple open world projects achieved in unity.

And about the music, I have no idea how to obtain commercial copyright and such, and I am assuming it is expensive, again, something a little too ambitious for an indie team..

I want to lead you in the right direction in getting started, but I hope I didn't discourage you. Anyway, I think this tutorial is a good start, and it has a full series with 23 tutorials, this guy goes from start to end, teaches you how to make an open world game with RPG elements, even refers to systems similar to GTA V at many times. In fact this tutorial series is called GTA-5 Style Game Tutorial to give you an idea of what its all about. Here is a playlist with all 23 tutorials:

Have fun and good luck, and I would love to see progress in your project here on the forum, and if you need any help at any point, make a post!


descriptionRe: Is this even possible ( MisterNinjaBoy?)

Actually that's a very optimist answer.
Thank you, we will come back with a teaser and some new info.
As a gift we're gonna be posting all of our progress here on this forum. Thank you once again ! Smile

descriptionRe: Is this even possible ( MisterNinjaBoy?)

Our game project thread is ready.
From now on, new updates will be posted on this thread in the project showcase section:
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