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descriptionNeed Help [FORUM]

I know that this is in the incorrect forum section but there is not a section about the forum.
I need help as I have trouble with uploading images onto my post's.
If anyone can help me then it would be great.

Thank you for reading.

--New Developer

descriptionRe: Need Help [FORUM]

I'd be glad to help, how come you're not able to post images? Please note that you have to have your image hosted first, and when its hosted, insert the direct url to the insert an image button. Hosting the image can be done in one of the buttons when making a post, then copy the direct url you get and paste it to the insert image button after it has been clicked.

descriptionRe: Need Help [FORUM]

If you still can't figure get it to work just let me know, ill see what i can do
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