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descriptionGreetings From The Dark Mind

Hey Guys,

I don't often join forums to talk merely to hunt down information, however I recently started working on a project and in doing so stumbled across this forum, I hope to make lots of pals here possibly even recruit some to my team, but that's another story, after two failed projects due to a zombie survival horror been WAY bigger than you can imagine and financially crippling too I scaled to a very tiny FPS under my own name for the moment (I'm Lead Designer over at Devils Inc Studios).

Anyway as you can see I end to ramble but hey that's just me, I'm fairly decent now with level design and Unity been playing with it for a year not too shabby with coding either I can usually cobble summin together that is going to do what i need it to at least. But I totally suck at art in every way!!

So yea that's me in a nutshell!! I can create worlds I can create great stories I just can't draw worth a damn!!

descriptionRe: Greetings From The Dark Mind

Hey gothicsyn, welcome to the UnityNinja forum.
If you need any help then make sure to check out the Help(General) section of the forum.

--New Developer

Serious, Focused but FUN.

descriptionRe: Greetings From The Dark Mind

Hey welcome to the community!
See ya in the forums!
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