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descriptioncollage project. still newbie

hi UnityNinja admin and members,

i'm still student college n facing for final year project. i want to know does Unity use for game purpose as gaming platform or you can make it as your own project not for gaming purpose? i want to create app for Media teaching aids. so does Unity can help to create Media teaching aids.

my college project is about Media teaching aids which the main contain about one of my college subject. the subject is about how we do water treatment ways and water resource. my main object in the object is water element and water reservoir. Can Unity help me to create the apps?

hope someone can help. it will help me greatly. thanks

descriptionRe: collage project. still newbie

'While Unity is used heavily to create incredible games, it’s also being used to build some of the most interesting and dynamic applications outside of the entertainment space. Applications like this year’s Unite Award VizSim category nominees, including winner teamLabBody, have shown the intriguing and valuable ways that Unity is being used to inform as well as amuse.'

As said on the unity website, yes, unity has and can be used for non- game applications.. You just have to know what you're doin
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