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descriptionABBY - The Happy Mission

Hallo everybody,

I want to show you our new Game
ABBY - The Happy Mission

Fly with ABBY through endless dark caves and help the aboriginal to be happy.
Destroy the Bad Baktus or break the Lightstone to unleash the Happy Power.

Let´s try it !!
Play Store:
ABBY - The Happy Mission

Thank you

descriptionRe: ABBY - The Happy Mission

This honestly seems like an advertisement, with no intent to explain the background of the project, and a quickly copy/pase written post in attempt to gain customers..

descriptionRe: ABBY - The Happy Mission

Ok thank you MisterNinjaBoy. Here are some background information about this project. We are a two man team, based in germany and I´m a 3D Artist and my friend is a programmer. Six years ago we worked together for the same company but it closed and everbody gone his own way. Seven months ago we meet and we got on very well. We always wanted to make a mobile game, coincidentally I had a Mockup which I made some time ago.
So we decided to make a mobile game with focus on easy playability and good graphic. We worked 6 months hard on this game to make it very smooth and still working on... there are some new features in the next update like global highscore and background music and even more Smile

So hopefully some people will try it.

Thank You

descriptionRe: ABBY - The Happy Mission

Thats some interesting background, what company did you work for?

--New Developer

Serious, Focused but FUN.
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